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To stand out in the growing maze of vegan offerings, companies need differentiation and a clear brand image. In 2014, the agency united consultancy/united communications – located in Berlin – founded its vegency unit to achieve just that. vegency specialises in customised brand communication consultancy for companies, NGOs, and start-ups with plant-based, vegan or cell-based offerings. As part of the current website relaunch, a news section was added, which offers exciting insights into plant-based products and services. It includes easy-to-read maps that provide an overview of existing brands/manufacturers of vegan milk, cheese, fish, meat, and sausage alternatives in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Vegan, plant-based, and cell-based products are exceptional – and the accompanying communications measures should equally reflect this. vegency supports B2C and B2B clients in these ventures with a comprehensive service portfolio that ranges from marketing & communication strategy consulting, LinkedIn & multimedia campaigns, storytelling, and influencer marketing to programmatic advertising.

The experts at vegency have in-depth know-how of the plant-based sector and many years of experience in all areas of international brand and science communication.

“We are strongly convinced that our planet needs change urgently and that creative brand communication can significantly influence this process. With the new website, we not only want to improve how we present our numerous service offerings but also express our passion for plant-based products. Since the respective target groups are very complex and the products often require additional explanations, we were also keen to integrate current industry insights and news that offer readers a real added value,” says Gunhild Flöter, Director Sustainability & Brand Communications at vegency.

“With our new plant-based landscape maps, for example, visitors at our new website have access to well-designed graphics that depict the current brand/manufacturer landscape for vegan milk, cheese, fish, meat, and sausage alternatives in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland*. For this purpose, we have monitored the product portfolios of numerous companies in recent months. We have noted a continuous growth of the vegan assortment, especially amongst the own-brand labels of discounters. Of course, the maps are updated regularly. In the just added “News” section, readers will find the latest background information and current news from the industry,” Gunhild Flöter continues.

The new website was implemented in WordPress by the Berlin communications agency united consultancy/united communications.

About vegency

Specialising in branding vegan, vegetarian, and cell-cultured innovations: vegency puts brands on the map.

Vegan and vegetarian products have long since arrived in the middle of society – vegency recognised this trend early on and has served clients from the food, research, and media sectors since 2014.

vegency is a unit of the Berlin communications agency united consultancy/united communications, which has been supporting companies and NGOs from the IT, telecommunications, education, science, and research sectors in branding, PR, CSR, marketing, and channel communications since 1995.

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About united consultancy / united communications
Founded in 1995, the international agency united consultancy / united communications offers clients a full range of services from strategic consultancy to creative sales and brand communication.

united consultancy
The consultancy unit of united communications focuses on three primary services:

  • Strategy consulting
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united communications
The communications unit designs and implements PR, advertising, and social media campaigns for leading brand companies, start-ups, foundations, and other NGOs/NPOs. It also supports clients in stakeholder dialogues and change processes – on a local, national and international level.

For the rapidly growing e-sports market and forward-looking plant-based/vegan business models, the agency has established two special units, united pro gaming, and vegency.

united communications has participated in the United Nations Global Compact ( und

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